Organization Security

How Trade8 is organized as a company to maximize security


More than half of all Bitcoin exchange "hacks" are perpetrated by insiders. We hence consider it critically important to comprehensively vet and background check anyone who contributes to building Trade8 (employees, contractors, etc.) and to also keep customer funds accessible only by a small group of fully vetted, trusted, and tracked Trade8 directors, supported by a multi-signature access system.

It is strict company policy to ensure that these directors and the keys that they hold are always geographically distributed. Company policy also imposes certain lifestyle restrictions on any key-holding directors. They are not allowed:

  • to consume any substances, including alcohol, to the point of inebriation or loss of consciousness;

  • to participate in any activity that may be deemed high-risk, such as extreme sports;

  • to travel to a high-risk or underdeveloped country.

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