About Us

Our Company and Values


  • Security. 98% of funds are stored in offline wallets and online wallets are insured against theft.

  • Performance. Our trading engine is built from the ground up to handle millions of transactions.

  • Simplicity. Our trading UI gets straight to the point: trading. It's fast, streamlined, and easy to use.

  • Transparency. In contrast to most brokers, we operate without conflict of interest vis-à-vis our clients. Our price sources, spread formulas, and execution policies are public. Also, we let anyone become a market maker to compete to quote tight spreads for our traders.

  • No emails: Your inbox is sacred. We don't send any emails to you unless it is absolutely critical (for example, a security compromise).

Business Model

We don't charge any fees for trading on Trade8. We (and our market makers) make money on the spread between the bid and ask.

For market makers, Trade8 retains a percentage of profits generated. Please see our Market Maker program page for the details.

Our vision is to offer a fast and secure platform to advance the use and adoption of crypto around the world.


Trade8 is proud to retain some of the world's leading law firms and compliance experts. For all compliance and law enforcement requests, please submit a request through our Support Center or send an email to hello@trade8.to with "Compliance" in your subject line.


Our team comprises some of the leading experts in software development, security, and trading. You can learn more about the security measures to protect our organization and people in our Security section.

Our team is distributed. We have members working in Singapore and Hong Kong as well as contractors in Argentina. Further information about our leadership team is below.

Carmeen Sleilati - CEO

15+ years in software product management, growth. Ex proprietary trader at one of the world's leading hedge funds.

Jules Peterson - CTO

20+ experience in building consumer software. Software architect, leading software security expert.

Paul Ferdinand - Trading Operations

Leads the market making and trading team. 10+ years experience in proprietary trading.

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