Compliance & Law Enforcement

Trade8 prides itself in being legally compliant in the jurisdictions it serves. While laws and regulations around cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency futures and perpetual contracts are constantly evolving, our legal team keeps a tab on updates and actions by various regulators to inform our internal decisions.

Below we describe our legal standing in plain English. For legalese, or for any inquiries including regulatory, compliance, or law enforcement queries, please reach out directly to our legal team at

Marketing and Advertising

In certain jurisdictions, Trade8's products might be considered cryptocurrency backed contracts for difference (although they are perpetual contracts, which is not the same type of product), which are subject to certain restrictions when it comes to marketing and advertising. As a general rule, Trade8 does not advertise its products or solicit clients through paid channels.


Trade8 takes additional steps in ensuring a safe experience for all its traders. Clients from jurisdictions who have clearly formulated laws regarding cryptocurrency derivatives and/or perpetual contracts are carefully evaluated and potentially restricted from opening an account on Trade8.

The risks of high leverage trading are clearly indicated to all clients and potential clients. Trading in cryptocurrency perpetual contracts may be considered doubly risky, because of the risk of cryptocurrency volatility in addition to the risk of leveraged trading. These risks are clearly explained in our risk disclaimer.

Trade8 prides itself in its transparency with regards to price sources and spread calculations. All spread calculations can be verified in real time, and our spread calculation formulas are published on our Help Center. Those correspond to the "worst" possible quoted spread, as our independent market makers (anyone can become a Trade8 market maker) may decide to quote traders with better spreads at any given time.

In this respect, Trade8 has absolutely no influence on quoted prices shown to traders as they are pulled directly (and verifiably) from the underlying source exchanges or from independent market maker feeds.

Trade8 also boasts one of the highest win / loss ratios in the industry. As of July 2020, only 54% of traders lose money on the platform (as compared to the industry average of around 80% of losing traders).

Our team stands ready to respond to any queries you may have with regards to compliance, regulation, or law enforcement. You can reach out to us directly at We work with some of the most experienced law firms in the space to ensure we can handle your query efficiently.

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