• Security. 98% of funds are stored in offline wallets and online wallets are insured against theft.
  • Performance. Our trading engine is built from the ground up to handle millions of transactions.
  • Simplicity. Our trading UI gets straight to the point: trading. It's fast, streamlined, and easy to use.
  • Transparency. In contrast to most brokers, we operate without conflict of interest vis-à-vis our clients. Our price sources, spread formulas, and execution policies are public.

Business Model

We don't charge any fees for trading on Trade8. We make money on the spread between the bid and ask.

Our vision is to offer a fast and secure platform to advance the use and adoption of crypto around the world.


Our team comprises some of the leading experts in software development, security, and retail trading. To ensure the personal safety of our team and the security of customer funds, all of our team members adopt aliases.

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