We take security very seriously and so should you. 

Keeping your account safe is a shared responsibility. Help us protect your funds by following the recommendations below.

Enable 2FA

Our #1 security recommendation is to enable 2-factor authentication (2FA).

You can do this from your Settings.

Use the Google Authenticator (iOS or Android) or Authy (iOS or Android) app on your smartphone to scan the QR code provided in your settings page.

You'll get a one-time token you need to enter to enable 2FA. Once enabled, 2FA will be required when you take crucial actions on your account, like logging in and withdrawing funds.

2FA not working?

Make sure your mobile device is time synced. Steps on how to do this for iOS and Android are available here.

Other Security Recommendations

  • Secure your email. Your email address is one of the most important connections between you and your Trade8 account. Make sure it's secure and do not use the same password for your email inbox and Trade8 account. 

  • Use a strong, unique password. We recommend using a password manager like 1Password or LastPass to generate unique and hard-to-crack passwords.

  • Use only devices you trust. Don't log into your account on public computers or networks, since those may be compromised and your private information may be recorded.

  • Be wary of suspicious emails. Trade8 will never ask you to share personal details such as your password. If you receive a suspicious email claiming to be from Trade8, get in touch with us immediately.

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