Note: this promotion is over. The welcome bonus is no longer offered. If you had already received the welcome bonus, please read on for terms and conditions.



The bonus is not withdrawable, but any profits you make from trading the bonus amount are withdrawable after at least 0.01 BTC in deposits and 30 BTC worth of trades (including leverage).

You don't have to deposit the 0.01 BTC all at once, you can split it into as many deposits as you want.

30 BTC is the total trade volume to make, including leverage. You can do it across several trades, of course, and there is no time limit. It's easily achievable for most since 300x leverage is available.

Note: You cannot withdraw more than 0.02 BTC in profits when trading the bonus funds. When trading with your own deposited funds, you can withdraw as much as you'd like.

Keep in mind: The welcome bonus amount is removed from your account when you make your first withdrawal.


Please keep in mind that affiliates are not paid for trades made with the bonus. Your referred users must deposit in order for affiliation revenue to occur.

Multiple Accounts and Bonus Fraud

Please keep in mind that 

  • creating multiple accounts

  • using VPN or a proxy service

  • using Trade8 from a restricted jurisdiction

  • participating in illegitimate referral schemes

  • colluding with other users to place trades

  • or any other methods designed to take advantage of the bonus 

will result in account termination.

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