Trade8 is a trading platform that lets you use BTC to speculate on the price movement of financial markets.

  • If you expect a market's price to go up, you go long (buy). 
  • If you expect a market's price to go down, you go short (sell). 

The degree to which you are right or wrong determines your profit or loss, in BTC.

Trade8 Features

Bitcoin Only

You don't have to deal with a dozen different assets in a dozen different wallets. On Trade8, deposits and withdrawals are made in BTC only. Since we don't have to deal with banks or fiat money, everything is faster and cheaper.

0 Fees

There are 0 fees for trades, deposits, and withdrawals. On Trade8, your total cost of trading is the market spread. Compare that to a crypto exchange which charges the spread plus a fee.

High Liquidity (No Slippage)

When you submit an order on Trade8, you don't have to worry about it being executed partially or at another price due to lack of liquidity or slippage. Thanks to our liquidity pool (no order books), the price you submit your order at is the price your order is fully executed at.

100+ Markets

You don't have to settle for trading just the crypto markets – there's plenty of opportunity in the traditional financial markets, too. Trade8 offers trading on dozens of cryptos, stocks like Apple, indices like the NASDAQ, commodities like Oil and Gold, forex like EUR/USD, and more. See all our markets.

Long and Short

Trade8 lets you short the markets so you can profit from falling prices, too.


Leverage allows you to multiply your buying power, and hence your profits and losses. Trade8 lets you adjust the leverage on each trade you submit, up to 300x on some markets. You always have the option to trade without leverage by selecting 1x leverage.

Advanced Risk Management

Trade with confidence by easily setting take-profit and stop-loss that limit your risk and execute at flawlessly at the prevailing market price.

Practice Trading

Trade in demo mode, which works exactly like the real thing, except your balance is fictional. It's a good opportunity to discover the platform if you're new, or to test out your trading strategies. You get 10 BTC in demo funds initially that you can refill indefinitely. 


We're the first derivatives platform to publish our price sources and spread calculation methods.

Steps to Get Started

  1. Sign up
  2. Go to your trading dashboard to start trading.
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